Receive Single Copy Send

Single Copy Send is a real-time, file-transfer network—and each user must install the KeyMail client—a  desktop application—onto their Windows or Apple OSX computer.

Client data is transferred directly from source to destination;  and both sender and receiver “clients” must be on-line simultaneously.


Download Single Copy Send< HERE >.


If you are using OSX—use this Java < INSTALLER >.


The KeyMail free Standard Edition limits file / folder attachments to 3 KB; whereas the Gold Edition has a 2.1 GB limit (license required).

A LifeCoin is used to upgrade.

LifeCoins last for a fixed period. [e.g. one month/year].

To upgrade you will need to buy a Gold Edition License.

Monthly License ($49.99)

Buy Now Button (1 Month)

Yearly License ($499.99) Save $100!

Buy Now Button (1 Month)


Whenever you have purchased a license upgrade, send us an email < HERE >.

In your new license email—include your full name and KeyMail address.

Let us know when you will be on-line (on Single Copy Send) ready to receive a Life-Coin.

That’s it—enjoy using Single Copy Send!


And remember nothing beats “Absolute Security” protection for your most sensitive data!